Digital Tools To Attract New Customers

Some Digital Tools Will Be Useful To Attract Customers

Having a website is making your business visible online. However, this is not enough to be found. You must put in place a strategy in order to gain visibility and notoriety. For this, some digital tools will be useful to attract customers.

Website Responsive Design

Your site must be well built and meet the standards to be well referenced. The CMS does not matter, however, it must be responsive design: this means that it is optimized for display on tablets and smartphones.

If you use wordpress, free themes are often vulnerable. Choosing a paid theme is more secure, by adding extensions (pluggins) to strengthen it.

Google Solutions

  • My business from Google allows you to be visible in Maps, to indicate your opening hours, website.
  • Analytics is the free solution from Google giving you all the statistics of your website.
  • If you want to advertise, Adword will accompany you on the creation and launch.
  • This article will tell you why it is worth using them (apart from the fact that they are free). To go further, you can pass Google's Digital Active certification

Social Networks

  • Linkedin to make you (re)known as a professional in your field, and increase your network. Create a company page on which you publish your news.
  • Twitter allows you to share information about your company, your events but also your sector. It is above all a formidable monitoring tool.
  • Facebook is interesting depending on the sectors and your customers, especially if you work with individuals.
  • Snapchat: a must if your target is young people
  • Instagram to play with visuals and keywords preceded by #
  • Pinterest for all things photos and infographics.

A Professional Blog

Inserted on your website, and updated regularly, the pro blog has several advantages:

  1. You take the floor to explain how you will respond to the problems of your customers. You position yourself as an expert.
  2. It brings your site to life through your publications and improves your ranking in the eyes of search engines.

An Emailing Solution

Precious, this will allow you to create and distribute newsletters to your prospects and customers. Your news, your watch, your latest articles... you have more content than you think. Keeping in touch, occupying the field, no, emailing is not dead.

Extensions For Your Website – real digital tools

  • Link your site to social networks, and allow your visitors to follow you and share the pages that interest them.
  • Highlight certain topics, your latest articles, participation in a trade show..
  • A subscription form to your newsletter
  • Secondly, it may be interesting to use a marketing automation and inbound marketing solution to go even further in analyzing the behavior of your visitors.

Digital Tools is also provide an opportunity to study your competitors and keep abreast of trends.