3 Essential Marketing Automation Tools

Know Which Marketing Automation Tools To Turn To gain Maximum Efficiency

Marketing automation is the new pillar of companies as well as a real performance tool for marketers and salespeople.

Marketing automation can be used in different situations: saving time and productivity, building loyalty or even customer acquisition. For each of these objectives, there are suitable tools to automate different tasks.

Now you have to know which tools to turn to gain maximum efficiency.

Let's go!

Different Objectives of Marketing Automation

Before you start looking for the perfect automation tool, it is important to know the different objectives of marketing automation in order to visualize which one(s) correspond to you.

We easily notice 4 main objectives:

  • Manage your different content: Marketing automation aims to promote, organize and make accessible the content you produce. Automation allows you to increase your visibility by ensuring that your leads and prospects have access to your content at the right time, depending on the stage in which they are in the conversion funnel.
  • Generate qualified leads: By setting up marketing automation campaigns, you can target your audience more easily while ensuring the qualification of your leads thanks to scoring. These actions allow you to address leads who are really interested in your offer and thus to focus on the right people. Learn more about lead generation.
  • Feed your leads: By being automated, lead nurturing allows you to feed your leads with relevant information, at the right time, in order to help them progress in their buying journey. You target the right person, at the right time, with the right content.
  • Strengthen the customer relationship: Marketing automation allows you to track the behavior of your prospects to get to know them better. This allows you to more easily understand their needs and expectations in order to respond to them at the right time, in the right way, with the right tools. Automation will thus strengthen your customer relationship and promote loyalty.

How To Choose The Right Marketing Automation Tool?

Today there are a large number of automation tools to meet different objectives. The field of possibilities is vast and therefore complex, which is why it is important to clearly define your campaign to choose the right tool.

The first point, and not the least, is to define your needs. Are you looking for time savings, productivity gains, efficiency gains or even these 3 at the same time? Focus your research on tools that are actually right for your business.

Then, we advise you to establish the list of functionalities which seem essential to you in order to make a first selection.

Finally, you have to confirm a few points:

  • Can the tool easily integrate with your CRM?
  • Is the handling easy? Does the company offer training or support?
  • Does it comply with GDPR standards?

Do you have the answer to all these questions? So all you have to do is choose the ideal tool! To do this, here are the 4 essential marketing automation tools.

The 3 essential marketing automation tools

1. Hubspot, the most complete

In terms of marketing automation, Hubspot remains the most complete tool to date. It makes it possible to combine several automation solutions:

  • The CRM to manage your contacts,
  • Marketing to convert your leads,
  • Sales to optimize the efficiency of your sales representatives,
  • Services in support of customer service.

It is the "Sales" solution that interests us the most, since it allows you to automate, among other things, emailing campaigns, social networks, content and offers based on the behavior of your leads. In addition to offering you A/B testing on each of your phases, it is a very complete Inbound Marketing tool.

You can convert your visitors through landing pages, workflows, forms, CTAs or even downloadable content. A real gold mine!

Prices: from €41/month for the starter pack and up to €4,600/month for the business pack.

2. MailChimp, for tailor-made emailing campaigns

MailChimp is the ideal tool for automating your emailing campaigns. It allows you to send the right message on different channels (emails, social announcements, landing pages, digital postcards…).

With MailChimp, you automate the sending of emails according to a customer journey that you have defined, while optimizing the sending time and setting up triggers.

We know that sending emails is a long, repetitive and very tedious task. Being able to automate it is a real time saver while personalizing your speech and addressing the right people.

Prices: free version, then from €11/month, up to €299/month depending on the package.

3. Webmecanik, to reveal the potential of your contacts

Let's now move on to Webmecanik, a tool that automates your business relationships. Its offer is based on 4 main axes:

  • Capture website visitors: Webmecanik provides you with various tools such as the landing page, the form and the CTA.
  • Qualify your database: By automating, you only retain interested contacts by analyzing their behavior. You can therefore segment your contacts for more fluid and personalized communication.
  • Increase prospect interest: Thanks to automated nurturing, you use points of contact with your prospects in order to advance them in the decision cycle (emailing, push notifications, SMS, etc.).
  • Engage the relationship at the right time: You adapt your communication according to the information collected thanks to the marketing automation software, allowing you to personalize the experience while building customer loyalty.

Rates: from €400/month for 10,000 contacts then price variation according to the number of contacts.

Hootsuite, your ally for social networks

We will end our list of tools with Hootsuite, which allows you to automate the management of your social networks.

Hootsuite combines 3 offers in one: increase your number of subscribers, collect and analyze user reviews and a test phase. With this tool, you can easily schedule all your posts on different social networks, respond to messages, monitor trends in your market as well as the competition, make advertisements and analyze your various results thanks to a reporting section.

It is the ideal tool to increase your visibility and your notoriety on social networks, while implementing an automated customer acquisition strategy.

Rates: from €39/month, up to €660/month depending on the package.