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Tips for creating and hosting your website

tips for hosting

Date: 05.23.2022

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Editorial Staff

I am a blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of cyberindeed. I am a freelance writer and lover of all things tech, crafting and general geekery. i am currently living in New York, United States.

In this article we will simply talk about technical terms / topics related to a website creation project.

Table of Contents

Definitions around the web

  • Hosting: Data storage, website, databases, cloud…
  • Web hosting: Storage of data exclusively accessible from the WEB (or Intranet etc…)
  • Server:
    • in the machine sense “powerful computer that delivers WEB pages or data (in a company)”
      in the software sense: set of services delivering data in a defined format. Example: WEB server, MAIL, FTP….
  • Web server: software which interprets the entries or commands of Internet users and renders the result in the form of an HTML page. The Apache server is one of the most famous. Basically, we have PHP scripts (WordPress, Drupal, prestashop….) Which are converted by Apache and delivered to the Internet user via the Internet. HTML and css for display, JavaScript (executed by the WEB browser).
  • Domain name: stuff you are thinking of buying. In reality, and we often forget it, we buy the right to use a domain name for a defined period of time, from a registrar. Finding the perfect domain name for your blog or site is important.

Website project: where to start?

1. Determine the client’s need, target and determination.

Often the client does not have a precise idea, and has no idea of ​​the efforts to be put in place to create a site. It is a lack of global education of the world of the WEB and also a lack of openness of the old agencies which have kept their knowledge too long.

link between website SEO and e-reputation
link between website creation and e-reputation

Customers think it’s simple, cheap, and easy to do. They have also been clearly deceived by agencies which have abused by over-invoicing obvious services, and also by actors who have democratized the profession …

2. Identify the real and necessary scope of the agency

From a personal point of view, I find that the client relies heavily on the agency. Blame it on the creators of websites who want to do everything. We can’t blame them, but are the creators of the Web doing good for the profession….?

3. Reduce the team to what is strictly necessary

For a business manager or a company that would like to carry out a WEB project from scratch, I think that it is necessary to involve as few people as possible at the start of the project. Partners, close collaborator and that’s it.

4. Checklist of operational steps

Some subjects to list so as not to forget anything beforehand:

  • validate the brand, to register the appropriate domains .
  • Start monitoring the idea, the concept, the competitors ….
  • Put on your journalist hat and unroll all your questions
    • Why
    • How? ‘Or’ What
    • In what language
    • What would you like to sell, show ..
  • think about or choose the dominant colors of the logo, graphic charter, make a brief. 
  • Essential functions : newsletter, multilingual, e-commerce, forms….
  • Blog, not blog?
  • How many institutional pages and list of page categories,  CGV, legal notices
  • E-commerce? : how many product categories? shipping costs ? weight, size of the products? packaging weight? Insurance? Cost calculations? developed ecommerce site vs pre-built site?

Make sure you have as much information as possible from the start. Do not hesitate to make diagrams: slider at the top, menu, logo on the left, logo on the right … All the elements will give you a number of pages, the essential plugins, the size of the site from a point of view disk space (at the rate of x images / products)

If your client has none of these. You have 2 solutions:

  • “That’s all I need and you call me back when you have them ⅔”
  • “I can list all the ingredients, but it comes at a cost.”

If you leave with most of the information, the project is well underway, you have proof of the customer’s wishes. There remains the proof of the financial and technical means….

What criteria to get started on the creation and then host a website?

Don’t be mistaken about the platform, the provider, the basic idea.

  • The “why” I make a site is important?
  • But also the “How will the site evolve in a few years?”
  • “Am I aware that it takes practically a full-time person to manage it?”

For accommodation, go straight away to a real host. Builders like WIX or WEEBLY, are cool, family stuff and.. But when you want to evolve your business towards e-commerce, CRM, marketing with a sales funnel, etc., you will have to turn to of CMS or other serious and therefore tools to actors capable of the host.

Any advice to optimise an existing site?

What already exists can only be optimised if it is based on good foundations.

Difficult in my opinion to optimise again and again the text of a site in Flash…
Technologies evolve, google imposes its rate of algorithmic updates and once again, a company which does not watch over its statistics, its performances, all the KPIs will not realise the change to be made on a daily basis… It will undoubtedly go through a major updating project every 5 years, hoping to go up in the SERPs.

Likewise, choosing the right bases to create a site is important.

But how to predict developments?

By documenting, by doing the day before. In 2006, a company that started selling online had good results with osCommerce, (brilliant in its day) but in 2007 Prestashop came out, something heavy and not pretty … but which really made its mark around 2010-2012….

Now Prestashop is one of the leader in ecommerce scripts and those who did not see the wind coming had to redo everything and fight hard to go up the slope….

So you have to be well advised before choosing one technology over another to create and host your website.

You are also advised to check our guide here in detail on How To Create A Website!

How to choose the right host?

Everyone complains about everyone. We criticise the stability of OVH or its customer support, but we forget that they paved the way for many other players. O2Switch broke the market with a single price and “took the bread out of their mouths” from agencies that bill for services at a premium.

I think the right web host is the one who offers a middle line between services, speed, flexibility and human contact. In any case, this is what I prefer.

To read more in detail, on how to choose right hosting service, follow this article on How to choose best SEO optimised web hosting.

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