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The importance of SEO for website success

importance of SEO for website success

Date: 05.23.2022

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Whatever your industry, when it comes to running a business, it’s impossible not to have competitors. In the physical world, your competitors are those who offer the same activities. It is easier to fight against them since you stay in your chosen field.

On the web, your competitors are all those who position themselves on the same keywords as you. The competition is therefore greater and standing out from the crowd remains difficult. This is where importance of SEO comes in.

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Why is the visibility of the site important?

When you search the web, the search engine offers thousands of results, but only about ten will appear on each results page. The same goes for the first page of results.

To go to the other pages, you must click the pagination located at the bottom of the page. However, it must be recognized that we are rare to use this pagination system. The majority of Internet users only consult the results displayed on the front page and sometimes, we are even content to consult only the first three results.

If your site is displayed in 5th SERPs page, this equates to the fact that it remains invisible. And how do you profit with it if no one sees it? This is why you have to resort to importance of SEO, because thanks to it, you improve the positioning of your site in search results. The more you work on your SEO, the more chances your site has of landing on the first page of the SERPs.

If you are already making efforts in this direction, but your site still remains at the bottom of the ranking, calling on a specialized agency such as Poush is advisable. This kind of professional helps you do a site audit to see what is going wrong and then develop a tailor-made SEO strategy.

What should be taken into account to optimize a site?

To have a well optimized site, your efforts should be focused on three major factors:

  • On-site SEO: this work concerns the internal elements of the site such as the quality of the content, the structure…
  • Off-site SEO: it takes into account external elements, but which aim to improve the positioning of the site such as community management, netlinking…
  • Technical SEO: it refers to the technical elements which make it possible to ensure a better indexing of the site such as the correction of the pages in error, the optimization of the indexing of the site…
seo6 importance of SEO
importance of SEO for website success

Properly harmonizing the techniques of these different facets of SEO is the only way for the site to be well visible in the SERPs.

How important is On-site SEO for a site?

On-site or On-page SEO is one of the main bases for a website’s success. It brings together the techniques that are applied directly to the visible face of the site.

The simple creation of a website does not guarantee its success. Without quality, relevant and useful content, it is useless, even if it consists of hundreds of pages. You must therefore work on this axis and provide, on a regular basis, content that meets the expectations of your target. Suggest interesting topics and above all, use relevant keywords that interest, because it is thanks to these key expressions that you will appear or not, in the search results.

On-Site optimization:

This technique consists of varying the format of your content. Indeed, it is not necessary to be satisfied only with textual articles, but also to offer videos, white papers to download, podcasts, images, embedded content

Be careful, however, to adapt the format to the type of subject being treated, because there are topics that stay clearer in text and others that are more successful in videos.

This concerns the site menu, namely the different categories and subcategories. It is important to compose it well to facilitate navigation on the site and thus improve the user experience. In a way, it improves the internal mesh since the different tabs will be linked together, making it easier for Internet users to navigate, and for crawler robots.

How Important is Off-Site SEO for a Site?

The latter groups together the methods which aim to improve the positioning of the site, but which take place outside the site. Its goal is to ensure that search engines have a good perception of your site and thus encourage them to increase your visibility.

This organic seo work focuses on the popularity, authority, reliability and relevance of the site to be referenced. He is interested in:

Each of these elements brings together various techniques to be promoted. The backlinks or external links sent by other sites and which point to one of your pages are the most important for a good off-site SEO. They help to improve your reputation on the web and in the face of this, search engines can only put you forward.

How important is technical SEO to a site?

Technical SEO shares certain methods with its two cousins ​​and mainly, with On-page SEO. Its main objective is to index the pages of the site and to establish all the essential elements for good indexing.

importance of SEO infographics
importance of SEO for website success

Understand that all the pages published on the web are not necessarily indexed, but without indexing, they have no chance of appearing on the web shaped by spiders (robot crawlers). And how do you want a country not on the map to be known? The first mission of technical SEO is therefore to make the said site appear on the web. Then, he is responsible for improving its positioning, in particular thanks to:

  • Detection of errors and zombie pages
  • The fight against duplicate content
  • Improving site performance: accessibility, loading speed, etc.
  • The optimization of the crawl: accessibility of robots, presence on the sitemap…

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