OnePlus 8 Pro VS iPhone 11 Pro – WHICH is BETTER TO Buy?

OnePlus 8 Pro VS iPhone 11 Pro – WHICH is BETTER TO Buy?

We know the new OnePlus 8 & OnePlus 8 pro just dropped and if you are confused between OnePlus 8 Pro VS iPhone 11 Pro which one to buy then we’re gonna compared to my usual daily driver the iPhone 11 pro Max we have two devices called the pro models we’ll see which deserves the title and of course which one you should grab right now.

we’ll start off with the new contender first the OnePlus 8 pro.

OnePlus 8 Pro

we’ve got the one in ultramarine blue absolutely love this color way but this is also the most expensive buried that you can grab.

Price and Specifications Comparison

It’s got 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage and that will set you back in 999$ to right underneath that 1000$ price point so it’s not exactly a cheap device and I know that oneplus got a ton of flock for the oneplus 7 pro that was priced too expensive and then they came back with the oneplus 7T which was priced way better.

They made things expensive again and it’s in the same ballpark as the iPhone you can grab the iPhone 11 pro not the Max version for 999$ or if you do grab the Max it’s 100 Bucks more at 1099$.

Display Features of OnePlus

For that money you paid you do get quite a bit of hardware up front the display 6.78 inches quad HD plus 120 hertz refresh rate and that’s where it blows the iPhone out of the water. It is dated. It has 60 hertz and I know that we have the rumored iPhone 13 hopefully knock on wood coming in September.

Hopefully they can complete those orders with everything going on in the world right now but we should see that same display found in the iPad pro hopefully dipping down some of the bezels.

we can only keep our fingers crossed but this is the most data displayed on a smartphone right now around the rest of the phone it feels very solid in premium.

Other Specifications.

We’ve got U. S. B. C. on the bottom sim card slot trade, Sadly no headphone Jack that’s to be expected. I’m still a fan that oneplus has the volume rocker and on, off button on opposite sides of the device unlike other android flagships.

We of course have the notification slider this is the thing that I miss the. Most switching between silent or DND and something that always draws me back to the oneplus is the color it just catches your eye every time you look at it.

Camera Quality

We’ve got the muted ones over on the iPhone. It’s unique. It’s different and this is definitely the one that I would grab.

Also in the box next off is naturally the camera and although the oneplus it may look like it has the triple camera set up there are actually 4 lenses here, on paper specs wise the oneplus destroys again the iPhone we’ve got a 40 megapixel main the 48 megapixel ultra wide.

camera lens e1604337070631 OnePlus 8 Pro

We’ve also got a telephoto and their new color filter sensor that should really help with some of the unique filters that you have but here are comparisons of course the iPhone has the standard 16 megapixel sensors.

I won’t be too biased and I’ll let you know what I think once all these photos are done.

Battery Compatibility

Next important thing for smartphone has to be your battery that’s the reason why I typically get the Max size for my iPhone. I have screen on time for round 6.5 to 7.00 hours a day. So I’m always on my device I know this phone is a bit dated now it came out last September but I struggle to reach the end of the day on a full charge but on the oneplus side we’ve got 4510 millions of Jews but we also have the added benefit of warp charge 30T.

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It’s some of the best and quickest charging for any battery and maybe the biggest thing it’s part of the battery coming to OnePlus devices they can now finally charge wirelessly. They’ve got their own proprietary charger yes they do charge 60 Bucks for it but now no one else can complain and say that you can’t charge a oneplus wirelessly.

Final Touch

Anyways the only thing now differentiating them easy android versus iOS and this is really only a decision that you can make if you’re stuck in the iOS ecosystem. I know that it’s really tough to get out of iMessage over on the OnePlus. It’s almost like stock android so it’s the best that you can get but I think because of that price point both are around $1000 the only factor that will help you decide is of course iOS versus android.

Let me know what you think down below in the comments about OnePlus 8 Pro VS iPhone 11 Pro and who won that camera comparison if you’re still eyeing an iPhone probably wait till September we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that apple can keep up with the production the OnePlus here just feels like a newer device it feels like something you should get in 2020.

Hope you guys enjoy this comparison of OnePlus 8 Pro VS iPhone 11 Pro – WHICH is BETTER?.

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