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TripAdvisor: How To Remove Negative Reviews?

Date: 05.23.2022

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Negative reviews can have serious consequences for a business’s activity and online reputation.

The owners of hotels, campsites, restaurateurs or bed and breakfast are not powerless in the face of the opinions posted by Internet users on the TripAdvisor site. (nor on other sites of the same type, Google My Business, Qype, Yelp, etc.). It is possible for them to request the removal of opinions contrary to TripAdvisor’s T & Cs, or even to force TripAdvisor to delete certain reviews in the event of abuse or uncertainty as to the identity of the author of the review, without for you might as well reset the counter of notices received.

Other professions like doctors can have their online reputation impacted by unfounded negative reviews which can damage their reputation in Google results.

Similar situations arise with the reviews of competitors to be deleted on Google My Business.

Table of Contents

Blackmail with unfavorable reviews on tripadvisor

This is one of the important points of the general conditions of use of the TripAdvisor service. : customers of a hotel, restaurant, hostel or campsite cannot exercise blackmail, either by threatening the operator to post an unfavorable review on TripAdvisor upstream, or by soliciting an advantage or a refund in cash for the withdrawal of said notice.

TripAdvisor suggests in its FAQ, the method to obtain the withdrawal of a review related to such blackmail.

remove unfavorable reviews on tripadvisor

Prohibited opinions and the interest of the opinion for the community

TripAdvisor, in its terms of use, makes a non-exhaustive list of the types of user reviews that are illegal or prohibited because they are considered fraudulent. In this list we include in particular:

  • Reviews containing advertising or the promotion of one or more other products or services (competing or not).
  • Defamatory or offensive opinions.
  • Reviews containing misleading or misleading information.
  • Reviews posted by a fake traveler.

Many reviews can easily fall into these categories.

In any case, it is useful to remember, as TripAdvisor indicates, that this list is not exhaustive and that TripAdvisor also aims to fight against the opinions of Internet users which are not of interest to the community.

This is particularly the case for opinions whose reading does not provide any useful information for other users.

This is the case in particular:

  • From notice of another establishment.
  • From opinion not including a concrete and objective assessment on products or services.
  • From poorly written and / or unintelligible reviews.
  • From notice with a question.
  • From reviews posted more than a year later the Internet user’s stay.
  • From review containing a photo with an incorrect caption or comment.

The owner of the establishment targeted by such notices can then request their withdrawal by simple request using the formA notice to report?” ”Of TripAdvisor located under the heading “Manage your reviews” in the “Owner’s Area”.

Forced removal of negative reviews on Tripadvisor

If the withdrawal request made to TripAdvisor is a prerequisite, it should however be remembered that even in the event of refusal to delete the review, it is possible to force TripAdvisor to comply with its obligation as a host.

Removing negative reviews from Tripadvisor

Indeed, the law n ° 2004-575 of June 21, 2004, known as the “LCEN” law, allows you to formally request the withdrawal of a notice likely to infringe the rights of an establishment or a organic person named in the notice.

The procedure may involve a judge’s order, made at the request of the establishment’s lawyer, to force TripAdvisor to remove the disputed notice. It can go as far as referred if TripAdvisor does not comply, because the site then engages its own responsibility.

This is particularly the case when the author of a message cannot be identified. and that its review openly criticizes the products or services of the establishment concerned: in such a case (the vast majority of negative opinions in reality), since neither the establishment nor TripAdvisor are able to prove that it is although a customer who posted the review, the review should be deleted, as there is no guarantee that it was not the work of a competitor.

The fact of resorting to an order on request has the virtue of allowing the deletion of many negative messages, without resetting the establishment notice counter to zero.

Resetting the TripAdvisor counter for renovations, change of ownership, change of brand

In an extreme case, the owner of the establishment can also request, if he justifies invoices or documents proving the changes made, the resetting of his meter..

This measure is however a last resort because it supposes the erasure of all opinions, even positive ones. In addition, it requires real changes in the establishment. A solution to be used only as a last resort.

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