Inbound VS Outbound: How to generate qualified leads?

Inbound VS Outbound: How to generate qualified leads?

According to Ring Lead, 85% of btob marketing experts say lead generation is their number one goal. As this statistic shows, lead generation is at the heart of a company’s marketing strategy and a top priority for any good marketer. However, it is not enough to generate leads to perform, it is also necessary to generate qualified leads.

How to generate qualified leads effectively? Where to start ? We guide you through the implementation of a successful lead generation strategy!

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Generate leads via Inbound Marketing

What is lead generation

A lead is by definition a business contact that can become a sales opportunity. Depending on its degree of maturity and qualification, it may be an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) or an SQL (Sales Qualified Lead). An MQL is a prospect who has shown a particular interest in your business by downloading one of your content such as a white paper, or by registering for one of your events such as a webinar.

The challenge for any business is to attract qualified leads and support them in their purchasing journey to transform them into SQL and therefore into potential customers.

To capture the attention of leads, Inbound Marketing offers various levers of action such as SEO, content creation or social networks.

The lead generation via the Inbound is a process of attracting visitors who expressed an interest in your products or services and convert them into qualified leads by creating content with high added value, addressing their issues.

How to create content adequate to the problems of your targets? Here are some basic tips to follow to attract prospects to your website.

Identify your personas and their intentions

It is essential to establish a complete work of definition of the personas. By identifying precisely who your targets are, you will be able to reach your audience more quickly and answer their questions in a targeted manner.

The second step is to identify the intentions of your personas and the topics that interest them. It is essential to conduct a work of identifying the keywords that your target audience type in the search engine bar to improve your SEO and to attract prospects to your website by offering them relevant content.

By having established this preliminary work of defining personas and keywords, you will be ready to respond to the problems of your prospects. However, prospects do not necessarily have the same expectations and are not all at the same stage of the buying journey when visiting your website. The content you produce must then be adapted to the phase of the conversion funnel in which the lead is located, which is why the qualification of leads is essential to your lead generation strategy.

The essential tools to generate qualified leads in btob

Emailing, a powerful tool for generating qualified leads

If you already have a prospect database , email marketing can be a powerful lead generation tool.

generate qualified leads

To carry out an emailing campaign, it is essential to segment your contacts according to their profile and their interests. An email must be targeted to have the chance to be opened, read and clicked. Email allows you to send a clear and precise message to a targeted audience and can generate qualified leads by prompting action.

Create landing pages that convert

The landing page or landing page is the page on which the prospect arrives when he clicks on a CTA (call-to-action). The goal of the landing page is to convince the prospect to give their information in exchange for content. This could be, for example, registering for a webinar or downloading a white paper.

The landing page is a key element of your LeadGen strategy, provided you put it to good use. It should be clear, punchy, and single-purpose. An effective landing page will therefore offer a single action, linked to a coherent CTA.

However, keep in mind that your prospects are not ready to give you the same amount of information depending on the phase of the conversion funnel they are in. It is therefore essential to develop different forms adapted to each phase.

Generate leads via social networks

The social networks are a powerful lever of inbound marketing to generate qualified leads. Regularly posting targeted content on your social networks will allow you to create a community of loyal Internet users and create engagement.

For example, you can analyze your blog posts that generate the most leads and share them on social networks to generate new ones.

Inject outbound into your inbound

The main difference between inbound and outbound marketing is how you get in touch with the prospect. Unlike inbound marketing, outbound aims to convince a cold prospect to take an interest in the company.

What are the levers of outbound marketing? Is this strategy effective in generating qualified leads?

Here are some outbound marketing tools to consider in your digital marketing strategy.

One of the main benefits of paid SEO is that it allows you to increase your brand awareness very quickly by improving your search engine rankings. To set up paid advertising online, this requires, on the one hand, a reflection on the budget you want to allocate to it. On the other hand, prior analysis of the competition is necessary. To deploy your paid search strategy, you can use tools like Google Ads that allow you to analyze campaign results in depth.

However, SEA must be combined with a natural linking strategy to ensure optimal visibility of your website.

Generate leads through social selling

The Social Selling aims to use social networks to identify new prospects and sell your product or service. Using this technique, you can generate leads on networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for example offers a very advanced research tool such as Sales Navigator allowing you to build contact lists corresponding precisely to your targets.

Thus, you will be able to be relevant in your Social Selling approach by sending ultra-personalized messages and highlighting content that really interests your prospects.

To generate qualified leads, several options are available to you. Inbound marketing is a strategy that can be very effective when done. However, the return on investment is more visible in the long term. To speed up your lead generation, do not hesitate to combine an outbound marketing strategy with that of inbound!

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