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How to manage online reputation of leaders?

online reputation of leaders

Date: 05.23.2022

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According to the Burson-Marsteller Executives Reputation Study, nearly 50% of a company’s image can be attributed to the image of its CEO / / online reputation of leaders. A positive digital identity and an effective communication strategy can build credibility and trust with shareholders, media and customers. In the event of a personal or business-related crisis, a leaders online reputation can quickly deteriorate.

These issues and their consequences must be taken into account in the life of the company. Because of their exposure in the media and their notoriety, some leaders must manage their reputation as personalities.

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What is the risk of abandoning the management of its digital image?

When a leader is not actively present online and does not actively manage his online reputation, which is still the majority of cases, he leaves to others the possibility of creating his digital image for him. Anyone with a social media account or website can make statements about you, regardless of the facts.

The impact of a bad reputation online can have significant consequences for the company and its various actors.

The main publications that are detrimental to managers:

  • Negative opinions about the company and its services / products.
  • Bad financial results.
  • Negative press articles.
  • Negative blog posts.
  • Negative reviews on google my business.
  • Employer reviews sites.
  • Hazardous positions taken in the past.
  • Dissemination of personal information.

Instead of allowing others to control their image, the leader can create a positive online presence that protects their digital identity from harmful content and serve as positive publicity to different actors, including consumers.

development of online reputation of leaders

The development of its online presence will allow it to repair past and present incidents and will also protect it against future image problems.. If you are actively engaged in managing your image, you can ensure that the content is not only positive, but factual as well. Mainly on the Google search engine, which is the business card of the company and its manager.

It is important for managers to constantly monitor their digital reputation so as not to allow negative shifts to occur over time, and to make rapid adjustments if necessary.

CEOs and executives too often wait to be confronted with a problem of online reputation before taking charge of their image. Be proactive and anticipate the consequences and issues.

A company specializing in online reputation management can help executives better build and protect their digital image.

What are the benefits of a good reputation of leaders for the company?

The advantages of a good managerial online reputation of leaders
  • The right image of a CEO influences the brand awareness of the company. 45% of people associate the image of the company with that of the CEO, this figure is constantly increasing. A good management of the digital identity of the leader, transparency, honesty are the best weapons at the disposal of the company to fight against a possible problem and makes a positive publicity to the company through its leader.
  • Customers can take into consideration the reputation of the business owner before buying or sponsoring a business. 42% of those surveyed said they had consulted CEOs and business leaders before deciding to take action. Who better than the entrepreneur to talk about his sector, his products, his vision? Being open to debate, not only on his sector, but also on the brand, product or services of his company proves that the entrepreneur is willing to discuss any subject, including his tools and products in full transparency . His personality can be an asset in managing a crisis.
  • Shareholders can take the manager’s personality into consideration before investing. 58% of investors would only consider buying shares of the company if the CEO had a positive image and 70% of investors would maintain their confidence during a drop in performance if the CEO had a positive one. For an executive, it can affect how much and when a potential investor chooses to invest, and even whether or not they invest in their company.
  • It can help make the leader a leader and an expert in the sector.. 70% of business leaders say that a positive image helps build employee loyalty. Each leader must work to improve their expertise, credibility and authority and communicate their values ​​to others on an ongoing basis.
  • Search results can encourage or deter potential hiring. 50% of executives said they accepted a position because of a positive opinion of the leader. Otherwise, a bad image can deter sought-after profiles from applying for job vacancies.

How to build your CEO brand and manage your E-reputation?

Developing the reputation of the leader requires a strategy separate from the management of the company’s image. The manager’s name must become a full-fledged brand and requires the implementation of a series of specific measures that are part of an overall image control strategy.

Does the leader build his personal brand out of envy or by default?

Building a positive image requires putting in place a coherent and effective strategy that goes beyond mere online presence.

The construction of a leader’s brand must be based on these determining factors to be effective

  • Have a clear vision of the business.
  • Provide inspiration and motivation.
  • Honesty and ethics.
  • Respect for the customer.
  • Caring about the well-being of employees and the culture of the company.
  • Have good internal communication.
  • Take care of external communications and public relations.
How to build your CEO brand and manage your E-reputation?

How is the manager represented on the internet?

It is advisable to make an inventory of its activity on the Internet, generally by a first search on Google which remains the privileged place of research of the thirds seeking information.

  • What do Google results return about it?
  • On what media is the manager present? Are they relevant?
  • Is there any harmful content that makes perception bad?
  • What is the general quality of the content present?
  • Is the leader an influencer in his field of expertise?

What is the best strategy for getting your messages out on the internet?

The most important thing being to disseminate relevant content with high added value for your target audience, the quality of the content disseminated is essential.

Content marketing is a multidisciplinary strategy that includes a multitude of possible content and media:

The leader must choose the media on which he is most comfortable, offering him the best visibility and the best feedback according to the strategy, the targets and the objectives sought.

When the image is degraded, valuation measures can be put in place on the internet, and mainly on Google via E-reputation cleaning operations.

What is the evidence that validates his expertise as a leader?

To become an authority and an influencer in its sector of activity, it is necessary that third parties identify and attribute this recognition to the manager (media, customers, colleagues, etc.)

There are many levers that can help it gain this recognition and notoriety. He will have to stimulate them to achieve his goals of building a strong image and become a key person in his sector of activity.

  • Press relations: Become an essential person in his subject. Give interviews and be consulted on his favorite subjects by the press (television, radio, online press, magazines, specialized blogs, newspapers…).
  • Awards and prizes: Innovation award, best manager award… at local, national, international level… These signs of recognition are accelerators for building a strong image and strengthening its credibility with partners, customers, investors…
  • Speaking: Take the floor, prove your expertise and give your vision in conferences, webinars, round tables …
  • External investments: education, philanthropic actions, membership of causes …

Conclusion on the online reputation of leaders

Managing the reputation of leaders is a powerful tool and a necessary strategy to put in place before problems arise. Not only does it influence your company’s brand reputation, but it also attracts clients, builds investor confidence, and helps manage and anticipate public relations crises.

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