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How to increase your blog traffic and visibility?

increase your blog traffic

Date: 05.23.2022

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I am a blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of cyberindeed. I am a freelance writer and lover of all things tech, crafting and general geekery. i am currently living in New York, United States.

When a business develops its presence on the web through the creation of a business blog, the goal is to be seen and to increase the traffic of its blog. Indeed, to face the competition and the many sites on the internet, you have to create content. This allows you to differentiate yourself and establish yourself as an expert in the market.

However, if no one knows about your site or your content, there is a low probability of getting traffic.

To remedy this situation and increase visitors to your blog, you need to adopt a marketing approach and different content strategies.

Table of Contents

What strategies should you put in place before increasing your blog traffic?

Create a professional blog

Visitors get a feel for your business before they even enter your site. Be sure to convey a professional image from the start.

the methods to create the ideal business blog and increase your blog traffic, visibility?

To do this, purchase your domain name. For example, if you are creating a business blog on WordPress, this purchase will eliminate the extension. wordpress.com .

Also, think about the design of your site. Choose the colors in line with your brand image. Have consistency in your communication. Also offer a mobile version for all those who prefer to browse from their smartphone.

Target a theme to increase blog traffic

In order for Internet users to remember your business and in order to establish yourself in the market as an expert, choose a specific area.

For example, if your site is a bicycle e-commerce and you want to increase visits, only create content around this theme. This area is wide and allows you to discuss several subjects: the different models, maintenance, parts …

This practice allows you to highlight all your knowledge, your products and gain the trust of Internet users. Over time, the goal is for them to remember you as soon as they need information.

Identify your ideal client

Before looking at the numbers and the strategy to increase the traffic of your blog, it is essential to define a persona. This corresponds to your ideal client.

This technique has the advantage of targeting your audience and allows you to communicate with people who may be interested in your content.

To do this, ask yourself several questions:

  • Who are the people likely to like your articles?
  • What type of problem are you dealing with?
  • Which audience would be willing to pay to have access to your products?
  • Who is your ideal reader? How old is he ? What are his tastes? His habits ?
  • Who are you creating your content for? A company ? Individual ? An association ? Employees ?

Please feel free to extend this list of questions. The more details you have, the easier it will be to create content tailored to the needs and desires of your target audience.

Note that this practice is to be done regularly. Over time, your ideal customer may evolve.

Take the necessary distance before embarking

Before starting a blog, analyze competing sites. The goal is not to do like them, but to have a different approach. Identify popular topics, best practices that work, and write down any things  you don’t want on your site. 

After this analysis, be strategic and think about the approaches that can differentiate you. The idea is to provide real added value.

But, what are the elements to put in place to stand out? You can do this in different ways:

  • Use a particular tone: bet on humor, be critical, adopt a sustained speech …
  • Have different content on your blog: infographics, images, a podcast, YouTube videos …
  • Create step-by-step guides
  • Showcase more photos than your competition

Have a writing frequency

Speaking of frequency, differentiate quality and quantity. It’s not about posting multiple articles just to have a strong presence. The ideal is to set up a real frequency of writing with the creation of an editorial schedule. To get more visitors, use rigor and strategy. Balance your web presence. It is better to have one article per week, rather than 10 articles and disappear for several months.

While writing your content smartly, be consistent. This regular presence will create a habit among Internet users who will be curious to read your news every week.

Referencing your site well on Google thanks to referencing (SEO)

In having a blog, you must appeal to two entities:

  • Internet users
  • Google robots

For visitors, this is the content of your blog. As said before, you must have real added value.

For Google robots, we talk about organic referencing and ranking well on Google, also known as SEO. This technique makes it possible to gain positions on the search engines. Thus, as soon as a prospect performs a search on Google, the most relevant results are displayed.

Several practices exist to seduce Google algorithms which analyze sites using several criteria:

  • Have H1, H2, H3 or H4 tags
  • Choose carefully the keywords used
  • Insert images that contain an ALT description
  • Work URL
  • Take an interest in the internal and external mesh
  • Ensure the site is loaded quickly …

However, be careful not to abuse these practices. You risk being penalized by Google bots for over-optimization. User experience can also be impacted.

The importance of relaying articles on social networks

Beyond your blog, make spreading your blog content on social networks In this way, you have the possibility of informing the prospects of the news present on your site.

It is also possible to integrate share buttons directly into your articles to motivate visitors to share them with their friends.

To take this approach further, share your articles on Facebook groups related to your industry, interact on forums, highlight your site in the Twitter and Instagram biography or even create pins on Pinterest.

However, be careful that your social networks are not just relay platforms. Share information and exclusives related to our field of activity. It’s also a great way to engage with your community and understand the content they need.

Thanks to this exchange, you will be able to refine your content strategy and offer only articles likely to please them. You don’t have to create content for yourself. Always think about your audience’s questions and put yourself in their shoes.

Set up a netlinking strategy

The purpose of acquiring backlinks is to retrieve inbound links to your site through other digital players in order to gain popularity with Google.

However, to gain positions on Google and gain visibility, bet on the quality of the links obtained.

Think about sites that are relevant to your industry and get them to talk about you. According to Google, if someone talks about your business, that means you are a trusted source.

Have a newsletter

Often put aside by many sites, the newsletter is an important lever to increase the traffic of his blog. Through it, you have the possibility to speak directly with your audience. You can, for example, highlight your new articles, promotional offers for your business, news or news.

From then on, you enter directly into the daily life of Internet users. This is the best way to remind prospects that your site exists and that your content can help them with their problems.

However, be careful to collect only the addresses of people interested in this type of communication. Since the entry into force of the GDPR, it is forbidden to send e-mails to people who have not given their consent.

The secret to successful blogging

How to deal with the many sites on the internet? What is the surefire technique to increase blog traffic?

The ideal is to be recommended by the greatest. Through this approach, take advantage of traffic from known and recognized people.

The secrets of a successful blog and increase your blog traffic, website visibility?

To explain this theory, let’s take the example of the Game of Thrones series. Beyond being a qualitative series with a good script, it has aroused the curiosity of consumers, because everyone has talked about it.

Now imagine yourself being recommended by the experts and giants in your field. This would allow you to gain notoriety, but above all in legitimacy.

Create a directory

The first thing to do is to make a list of bloggers and experts that you want to approach. The ideal would be to get as many names as possible. To find one, do a search directly on Google by typing in keywords such as blog + your activity domain. You can also search for brands, media, journalists …

Remember to be strategic, focus on quality rather than quantity.

After you’ve created your list, analyze the potential and relevance of these sources. The site must have a community, significant weight on Google and an indisputable digital presence.

Build relationships

The second step is to contact the people. But, do it in a delicate and strategic way.

If you are clumsy, this can be interpreted as opportunism.

Your interlocutor must feel your sincere approach, your desire to progress, even if it means asking for help.

Different approaches are possible to get in touch with the reference in your sector of activity:

  • Obtain an opinion on one of your articles published on the site
  • Request an interview
  • Feedback on content that has been posted: of course it’s not just a matter of saying “thank you, this content is interesting”. Your comment may get lost in the crowd and not attract attention. To stand out, show sincerity and relevance. Do not hesitate to end your message with a question or a specific request. This will motivate the expert to give you a feedback.
  • Participate in events organized with this person: at meetings and conferences, prepare one or two relevant questions that will get you noticed.

Following these exchanges, take the time to send messages regularly, to check the person’s news or to leave comments on social networks. With these different approaches, the goal is to create a sincere relationship, while showing the person that you care about their work.

Be sure to contact people you identify with. Otherwise, your interlocutor may feel a lack of authenticity in your discussions.

The request for sharing

When you feel the time is right, through a win-win relationship, request a share, link, guest post, or run a contest together.

This request must be well constructed and have a purpose. Keep in mind that the goal is to be part of their professional relationships.

9 strategies to increase blog traffic

Create a community

To increase your blog traffic, build your community. Internet users must identify with your business and the values ​​you convey. In order to establish yourself as an expert in your field of activity, do not hesitate to speak in forums, answer questions, discuss your personal and professional journey to inspire users. To help you with this strategy, videos on social media have a strong impact.

How to attract visitors to your blog? and increase your blog traffic, website visibility?

For example, take the floor on social media to feature the latest post posted on your blog. With the video, integrate hashtags. You will thus reach more people interested in the subject.

The implementation of a content strategy

The basis for the success of your site is the published content. This is the reason why you have to take the time to build an editorial schedule in line with your marketing strategy. This involves doing research on your audience, on the problems encountered, on popular themes or even on current trends.

Indeed, you can have good content, if it does not resonate with Internet users, your impact will be minimal. Choose titles that arouse curiosity and diversify your media: video, podcast, article, webinars, computer graphics …

After establishing a schedule of articles to publish, think about your e-mailing campaign. 

Learn, test and evolve

Dare to train and take different training courses. Are you interested in marketing, strategies, social networks or SEO. This approach will allow you to successfully highlight all your knowledge and expertise in your industry.

After getting informed, try new things. In order to get noticed, put in place original and differentiating strategies.

The blog, your new priority

To increase blog traffic, you have to be regular. Indeed, the traffic is exponential.

It is important to devote the necessary time to it, as it has the potential to become the first channel for acquiring new customers and increasing sales for your business.

Be patient

If you are blogging, be patient. Gaining the trust of internet users can take time.

Constantly optimize your site and write quality content. If you feel the need, call in the professionals to set up a marketing strategy.

Carry out a case study

Publishing a case study is an effective way to promote yourself.

Why rely on these analyzes? Through a study, you have the opportunity to present unique and exclusive information, while sharing your experience and your point of view. It’s a type of content that can only be found on your site.

In addition, beyond the exclusivity that you give to your readers, you will educate them. Through your words, Internet users will learn new things, consider a new approach or even a new point of view.

Co-write an article

To increase your visibility, you have the option of partnering with another blogger to co-write an article.

Organize a competition

Whatever the potential gain from your contest, Internet users are always sensitive to freebies and surprises. You will thus arouse their interest, their curiosity and they will look at the content of your business.

Use affiliation

If you are selling products or services, take advantage of affiliate platforms. In exchange for a percentage, people will sell your offer. You increase your visibility and benefit from the network of your affiliates. 

Increasing blog traffic requires rigor, relevance and the implementation of strategies. Several practices are available to you. Your choice should be on those that will allow you to achieve your goals. Be sure to take your industry and audience into consideration.

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