How to gain visibility on Pinterest?

How to gain visibility on Pinterest?

Alongside the giants Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest is keeping a low profile, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Indeed, its use provides many advantages such as strengthening the visibility of its site. Even if this social network is not really part of the current natural link building techniques, it should be remembered that it is an excellent tool for image link building. Moreover, this is what you have to keep in mind to be visible on Pinterest.

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Pinterest: how to use it?

gain visibility on Pinterest

Although this little lesson should no longer take place, there are still a few newbies out there. What you need to know about this social network is that:

  • its interface looks like a gigantic patchwork made up of hundreds of images. This is why we talk about image link building, because it is not enough to take a random image and upload it to gain visibility. There is real SEO work behind every “pin” or “pin”.
  • unlike other social networks, each post takes the form of a table with a small description text below. The latter must be correctly written, because it is part of the link building to do.
  • each table redirects the Internet user to the site dedicated to the image that interests him. A simple click will allow him to land on the page offering more details.
  • the Internet user can share the image thanks to the “Pin-it” button that can be customized to add even more cachet and the classic share button to share the article.
  • Each user has the right to a profile on which he will publish his pins. It can list them under various categories and can also open a collective category that all other users can use.

Pinterest: why use it?

Even though Pinterest isn’t as widely used as Facebook and Instagram to increase brand visibility, the numbers are still huge.

Himself :

  • it has more than seven million pins (or publications) published per day which makes it a vast library of ideas or a large shopping center.
  • more than 40% of its users consult it with a real intention to purchase.
  • the social network uses innovative systems such as Lens which allows users to search from a simple photograph. This is very useful when you don’t know what an object is called, but want to have it at home. All you have to do is take a picture of it and search on Pinterest. If companies offer it, you will find it easily.
  • it is mainly focused on fashion, decoration, beauty and cooking recipes. But, other fields are represented there and nothing prevents you from launching a new trend.

For a given brand or a given merchant site, having an active Pinterest account represents a fairly significant turnover, provided it is used well.

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Pinterest: how to use it well to increase its visibility?

gain visibility on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Its users immediately discover the product image before they even know what it is. And when they like the image, they won’t hesitate to click on it to find out more which equates to more traffic to your site. 

Now imagine that this click is repeated thousands of times, then you can say that your site is visible. To get there, you still have to make some efforts such as:

Take care of your profile:

  • For an internet user to want to know more about you and your products, you need to work on various points:
    • the profile itself: You have to start by publishing a short biography with a title and a short catchphrase of about 160 characters. Both should contain keywords inserted in a natural way.
    • Be careful, even if the hashtag (#) can now be used on Pinterest, it should not be included in your biography.
    • Apart from this little text that explains who you are, what do you do and who you are talking to, you should also add either a nice photo of yourself or your company logo. It depends on what you are looking for on this network. Finally, so that we can find you easily, add the link to your site in your account settings.

the tables:

  • When you want to increase the visibility of your blog thanks to Pinterest, the main goal is to attract new potential readers. You must then create tables dedicated to the public, but also private tables that would contain the images that do not target your audience.
    • For public boards, you start by choosing a theme for each board and a nice cover image. If your activities focus on flowers and plants, you can choose themes such as “Bouquet composition”, “Color code for a wedding”, … The themes and therefore the titles of the tables must be clear and catchy. The title and the descriptive text of the table must then include keywords so that they can appear following a given search.
    • To increase your visibility, first on Pinterest, you must create at least 15 tables, the maximum allowed is 500. In everyday language, each table is equivalent to a category of products.
    • Your paintings will make up what is called a carousel. Remember to publish your best paintings first so that people want to discover everything in the carousel.


gain visibility on Pinterest

A pin corresponds to an image relating to a text on your blog. A board can contain many Pins, but to avoid overly general themes, it’s a good idea to post between 20 to 50 Pins per board. This would assume that the table is really specific.

If you have more than a hundred images in a single table, it is better to create sub-tables and therefore classify them into various sub-themes to be more relevant.

For information, even if the objective is to put your site forward, you should avoid publishing exclusively the images of your blog. You should post other images referring to your activities in each table. Then you can put the pins that redirect to your site forward.

Various tips exist for this such as highlighting them on your profile, in your tables, in your carousel, …, putting them back in the tables by re-pinning them, but this time using another image, create new tables supposed to highlight fairly old articles with a new title, activate enriched pins, etc.

Finally, since a pin corresponds to an image, the requirements in terms of images must be respected. In this sense, it is necessary to privilege the vertical images (average ratio of 2/3), to choose well colored and faceless images and to inform the image well.

To do this, consider incorporating a small description of the image in the article published on your site. Then copy it into the “alt text” field of the image and it is this text that will automatically appear under the pinned image. It is also necessary to complete the meta description of the article, as Google takes this into account in SEO and meta description for Facebook.

And don’t forget that in this part, hashtags are welcome.

the frequency of publication:

To boost your visibility on Pinterest, you have to be very active. In this sense, you have to publish every day, between 5 to 10 times a day, spreading the pins over the whole day, and uploading trendy pins for which you are sure to be successful.

And since we always talk about the frequency of publication, it is also possible to pin your images several times. To do this, consider integrating them in various tables and in collective tables. In the latter case, you can use those of other users or create your own collective board.

Involve your audience through “360 ° campaigns”:

This consists in encouraging his followers to realize their ideal table in reference to your activities and then to carry out the most deserving ones internally.

If, for example, you are recipe-oriented, you can invite your readers to make their ideal table for the Valentine’s table. All those who respond to the invitation will then participate in a kind of contest, the “360 ° campaign” and in return, you promise them to carry them out for real as part of your professional activities.

It’s a way to better confirm their commitment and naturally increase your visibility.

Don’t forget the share buttons on your site:

It is common today to see various share buttons under blog posts. Two options are possible:

  • put the classic article sharing button near the logos of other social networks
  • put a “Pin-it” button on the image so that your readers can easily share your text on Pinterest

It is also advisable to indicate your Pinterest account with a link that redirects to it at the level of the footer of the article and to indicate this account from your Home page.

Aside from these kinds of campaigns, feel free to suggest other engagement techniques that would allow you to stand out from the crowd.

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