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How To Do E-reputation cleanup on Google?

Date: 05.23.2022

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Managing your reputation online including e-reputation cleanup process has become a problem to integrate into your communication strategy. The Internet and the social web have revolutionized the ways of communicating and increasing the mass of information disseminated about businesses. They no longer have control over the messages that are disseminated, in particular for certain businesses and professions exposed such as doctors, construction SMEs, brands, etc.

Google has become our business card, developing a positive online reputation on Google has become an issue for its image.

Performing an E-reputation cleanup on Google?
e-reputation cleanup on Google process

The expressions “Net cleaner” and “Online e-reputation cleaning” have been widely used by the media to describe the actions of professionals who use a synergy of specific skills in order to remove, modify or limit the visibility of content that may affect the digital identity of individuals, companies, managers and personalities.

The negative impact of a degraded online reputation can be harmful to consumers and picked up by the media.

The importance of creating a positive image on the internet is more than ever necessary. In order not to be the victim of a degraded reputation, it is necessary to set up monitoring work, implement e-reputation cleanup strategy and to repair if necessary.

Table of Contents

What type of data to work on?

Data deletions on the internet take place on a multitude of content:

  • Breaches of privacy (private photos and videos, personal information, etc.).
  • Defamation and disparagement.
  • Negative comments.
  • Opinions of abusive consumers.
  • Press articles.
  • Obsolete information.
  • Identity theft.
  • Right to be forgotten.

And all other data that could damage your image on the internet …

What actions are put in place to “e-reputation cleanup” a battered image?

The e-reputation cleanup agency implements all the measures at its disposal in order to enforce your rights on the internet, your privacy, remove illegal information and limit the visibility of sensitive content. Of the hundreds of cases already dealt with the problems of many victims of abuse, a problem equivalent or close to yours has already been resolved.

Use negotiation techniques

Because dialogue is often the best way to approach a problem, use knowledge of the Internet, its ecosystem and its players, at your service in order to negotiate and quickly obtain the best results. The objective remains to obtain a positive and satisfactory result by avoiding rushing the interlocutors and not generating any unwanted opposition, bad buzz or Streisand effect.

When necessary in order to enforce your rights on the Internet and preserve your image there. All legal issues are followed up by legal professionals (lawyers, bailiffs, jurists) with precise knowledge and experience of issues arising from new technologies.

Enhance your E-reputation on Google

The Google search engine has become in a few years the place of choice to search for various information on a person, a company, a product, a brand… Negative opinions, bad marketing buzz and other harmful information can break the good image that you want to return on the first results of Google.

Enhance your E-reputation on Google

Today, it is important to be able to offer a positive image in line with your objectives in search engine results and to develop a coherent marketing strategy aimed at restoring a brand image.

Google SEO experts support you in order to make the most of the information put forward on the various keywords that you want to master on the first page of Google (your name, the name of your company, the names of your brands, etc.), and manage problems through sound advice.

In some cases, the sole purpose of these referencing operations is to limit the visibility of problematic information in Google and to highlight positive content. These E-reputation cleanup / enhancement actions are sometimes called “burying” or “flooding” negative information.

Global reputation building and management

All the information on the internet cannot be the subject of a service of this type. Some are legitimate and relate to freedom of expression, others relate to specific cases (particular laws of a country, non-identification of a perpetrator, etc.).

The best way to manage a reputation is to build it. In order not to make the mistake of wanting to erase everything, which in some issues would be illusory, the E-reputation cleanup Agency advises you on how to react to negative comments, especially from companies that need to control and develop their communication on the internet and improve their image in the long term.

Thus, beyond the actions of cleaning up and removing negative information, extend field of action to more global services of communication and enhancement of your image by using a multitude of various and varied levers:

  • Development of internet presence.
  • Dialogue on social networks.
  • Press relations and development of notoriety.
  • Crisis management.
  • Image monitoring on the web and social media.
  • Creation of textual content, videos, photos…
  • Management of consumer reviews.
  • Advice and work on the presence of social media managers on the internet.

Develop skills in order to best enhance your image & e-reputation cleanup on the internet and adapt to your problem to put in place the actions most suited to the situation and obtain an appropriate result.

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