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How much does it cost to create a website?

cost to create a website

Date: 05.23.2022

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Estimate the price to create your website: The cost of a website varies enormously from one project to another. Indeed, each project is unique, and it is difficult to determine a price without knowing all the parameters.

However, we will agree that the cost of creating a website is defined overall according to the type of site and the level of customization, in other words the functionalities expected mainly, the quantity of pages to be expected and the services offered in addition.

Please note that the prices indicated in this guide are purely indicative. So let’s try to see it a little more clearly.

Table of Contents

Cost of website creation: depending on the type of site desired

First, it seems obvious that the price to create a website varies according to the type of site desired. The cost of creating an e-commerce site will not be the same as a classic showcase site or a blog because the features and expectations will not be the same.

For a showcase site with several pages, prices start around € 1,500, while for an e-commerce site, the price will be more around € 2,500, with a limited number of products.

The price to create a website and the level of customization

Budgeting for the creation of your website should also take into account the desired level of customization, i.e. features, web design, number of pages etc.

The expected features of the website

The features obviously influence the price to create a website.

Let us take this example with the creation of a fairly simple showcase site: The price of a showcase site presenting in a few pages the services of a company and personalized with just a contact form, would be around 1,500€.


This price will be less expensive than the same showcase site, which this time would offer to save a selection of products or services that the Internet user will have previously consulted on your site, to save it under a wish list that can be retrieved by email, and also equipped with a recruitment area. A price then that can be reassessed to around €2,000.

The number of pages and content to create

The cost of a website depends on the number of pages to be created while ensuring the quality of the pages themselves.

A site with more than 200 unique pages presenting its services and offers will be more expensive than a site with 50 pages. From € 4,000 to € 10,000.

However, be careful with the quality of the pages created! It is easy to create 200 pages but if they are poor in terms of content, with few words, few texts, poorly SEO optimized, the cost cannot be justified. It is better to have 50 very well done pages than 200 pages that will do nothing for your site and its SEO.

Remember that your site is the showcase of your business, and that it is proof of your image. The quality of the content has a direct impact on traffic and the relationship of trust with visitors.

Check the content of the pages of the sites created by the professional who offers you his services.

The design of the website revealing the price

In fact, the price does not necessarily depend on the web design because the price includes this aspect of the design of a site. But the emphasis here is more on the importance of the visual aspect of your site.

cost to create a website

Explanations: When you get a price from a service provider to create your website, it is important to check the graphic quality of its achievements because the design of a site is the first thing you notice when you browse on the Internet.

The design and the way in which the site was conceived will have a direct impact on the quality of the browsing experience of Internet users: professionalism, confidence building, security, attraction, interest… To do this, your site must have a neat and responsive design, that is to say one that adapts to both mobile and computer.

So beware of prices that are too attractive and check the quality of sites already produced by the professional with the same characteristics as your project by asking for their references. At the same time, check the service provider’s site, which often reveals its expertise.

Website creation award: The importance of choosing a professional

Whatever professional you choose for the realization of your website, it requires an investment. The price of creating a website is therefore also dependent on the professional chosen to carry out your project. Prices which can vary quickly but which need to be qualified.

Indeed, obtaining a professional site of very good quality is obtained from web professionals such as a web agency.

Even if the cost of creating a site with freelancers is lower than with a web agency, mastery of all aspects is not guaranteed: web marketing, content writing, organic seo or the design of the site will probably not all be there. An often incomplete service.

On the other hand, also beware of the abuses of certain agencies which claim to be experts in the field of the web and which carry out several activities. These agencies outsource their development and build chain sites, to the detriment of quality and customer satisfaction.

Know that you will never get a professional site for a price of less than 1,500 €.

In other words, for a quality, professional and tailor-made site, it is strongly recommended to call on web professionals whose main activity is and whose work will not be limited to just deliver your site but also bring you real added value in the development of your business on the internet.

A good web agency, supports you, advises you and monitors the performance of your site, while guaranteeing its maintenance.

They complement the marketing part of your site by promoting your business and improving visibility on search engines by optimizing your organic seo and setting up your SEA campaigns.

Additional costs to budget with the creation of websites

A website is not just a business card that you create and allow to waste away, thus taking the risk of seeing your site get lost in the twists and turns of the web. It is a communication and prospecting tool, which conveys the image of a company, works to improve its notoriety and its visibility on search engines including Google.

Its goal is to generate traffic so you can turn your visitors into qualified prospects. To offer you only to create your website and to limit yourself only to that would not make sense.

Web maintenance and monitoring of your site

In the creation of website, it is essential to define objectives, to follow the performance of your site, to measure its audience, its traffic to quantify your results. This analytical monitoring will allow you to adjust your site and correct its shortcomings: high bounce rate, irrelevant keywords, insufficient traffic…

Having a site that lives with the addition of regular content will give a strong signal to search engines, especially Google, the most used of these. Writing articles for your site in the form of tips or editorials to demonstrate your level of expertise in the area of ​​your business and your services is a great way to gain additional visitors.

Web monitoring and maintenance that will also ensure the proper functioning of your site to correct any bugs and malfunctions.

  • Plan for an additional budget each year to ensure a dynamic site.
  • Reports and recommendations to improve your site and update it regularly.

Marketing, SEO, SEA complement

SEO is about allowing a website to rank better on search engines. Often defined as the main action of a marketing strategy, search engine optimization and SEO is serious work that requires monitoring and rigor to get results.

Technical study, keyword study, semantic research, SEO content writing, netlinking, brand content, social networks, display campaign and SEA… It is at the cost of hard work that the seo of a website is gets. In the cost of creating your website, if you want to register for the long term and get the best of it, it will be essential for you to opt for a marketing strategy.

Better SEO allows you to generate traffic. From there, more traffic means more conversions (more contacts or online sales) and an increase in your turnover.

A wise investment when entrusted to expert marketing companies.

The cost of a website in its development depends on many factors that only a complete study can determine with precision.

Some sites will require a budget of less than €3,000 with maintenance included in the first year, and other very ambitious sites with many features and more than 10,000 pages, with sales and profitability targets, in very competitive sectors. can reach 100,000€ easily.

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