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Find the perfect name for your blog or site

Find the perfect name for your blog or site

Date: 05.23.2022

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I am a blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️. Fountainhead of cyberindeed. I am a freelance writer and lover of all things tech, crafting and general geekery. i am currently living in New York, United States.

For the success of your website, choosing the right / perfect name is essential. Having the ideal name for your blog makes all the difference in making an impression and staying in the minds of Internet users. Indeed, a bad name can really be detrimental to the success of your site and your business.

This is the reason why you have to take into account different criteria and put in place a relevant strategy in order to choose the ideal name for your site which will be the base of your corporate blog strategy.

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Why should you choose the right name for your blog?

Why should you choose the right / perfect name for your blog?

When choosing the name of your site, keep in mind that Internet users are more and more impatient and have less time than before. Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes to understand their reasoning.

Let’s put ourselves in their shoes: if they go on the Internet, it means that they are looking for specific, even important information. But, this remains information that concerns Internet users. They are therefore in a selfish approach. Their interests come before your website or business.

Faced with this way of thinking, your business time is running out. Through your website, and therefore the name, you must tell Internet users that the information they are looking for is present on your site. The name of your site should provide some answers to users.

The easiest way would be to adopt the name of your theme.

For example, if your site is about football, your blog should be called football.fr. If you have an e-commerce blog in the pastry sector, adopt the name pastry chef. Fr.

However, with the amount of sites on the Internet, these names are usually already in use.

Faced with this reality, take a strategic approach to choose the ideal name for your blog. Keep in mind that Internet users type a query on search engines. They don’t type in the name of a site. You therefore still have the possibility of associating several keywords, or of insinuating your theme to convey a strong and rapid message to people who no longer have the time to search.

choose the perfect name for blog: the identity card of your business

Over time, the name of your blog will become a real brand. Indeed, when Internet users think of you, they will associate you with the name chosen for your blog. The name must be powerful, striking, appropriate to your field of activity. But above all, he must look like you.

Imagine that people will associate you with this name.

For example, on YouTube, the biggest YouTubers are associated with their channel name. Take the example of Marie Lopez of the Enjoy Phoenix channel. Everyone calls him Enjoy Phoenix and few people actually know his first name.

In choosing your site name, you must be able to assume it. It becomes part of you. So you need to find the perfect blog name that fits your industry to your personality. When blogging on social networks, the name chosen is associated with your person. 

In addition, the name of your blog will make it easy for people who don’t know you to find you on the Internet and on social networks.

Don’t take the risk of being mistaken for other people.

Things to consider from the start of your reflection

If you’ve started your research to choose the right name for your blog, you’ve probably come across this information:

  • People must be able to remember it quickly
  • Opt for a short name
  • Easy to write
  • Pronunciation shouldn’t be a problem

However, the reality is quite different. Many brands are known, have great success, and do not meet any of these four characteristics.

In order to start off on a good basis and find the perfect name for your blog, take into account that a complex name may be more difficult to remember, especially if you include special characters such as numbers or dashes.

A complex name can be scratched and difficult to place in terms of SEO on search engines. Either Internet users typed your name incorrectly, or Google robots will take a long time to reference you.

The importance of your site’s domain name

Your domain name is the name of your brand . This is the one that prospects have typed on the search engines to find you. It is unique to you and belongs solely to your site. No one can have the same name as you. Faced with this reality, check the availability of your domain name.

  • The first step is to choose the right name for your blog.
  • The second is to see if the name you selected is available.

You have the possibility to choose your extension. Always favor. fr or .com. Avoid extensions that are too exotic or difficult to remember.

To buy the domain name of your site, go to Docatch.

The mistakes to avoid when choosing the right name for your blog

Choose a name close to the competition

The mistakes to avoid when choosing the right / perfect name for your blog

With your blog name, people should find you easily, but above all should not confuse you with other businesses. To distinguish yourself, and in order to facilitate your SEO on Google, identify all the names of your competitors. 

After doing this analysis, you will be able to imagine a name that will be close to your industry, that is different from existing names. For example, if your website concerns culinary recipes, you will find many sites dealing with the same topic. It is therefore necessary to flee from “recipe.com”, “recipe-fanchise.com”, “recipefacile.com”. These are names that are not available, but more importantly that will create confusion among consumers.

They can remember that your site is about easy cooking recipes. However, they will not be able to distinguish you from others.

Have a trendy domain name

The important thing to have a good blog name is to convey information in seconds. By clicking on your site, users should understand the topic of your blog.

Unless you have millions to invest in your communication and marketing, it will be impossible to create a digital place for yourself with a trendy domain name.

A blog name with a miracle solution

Your blog name conveys a strong message to users. If you put a message of hope and a promise in your name, you must keep it.

Otherwise, you will lose credibility with prospects.

This generally concerns sectors of activity such as money or weight loss.   For example, perdredupoidssanssport.fr is a model not to be followed.

The hidden meaning of words

Several expressions or words can have a double meaning. When choosing the ideal name for their blog, check that no pun can be done with your name .

Find out if the main words have a hidden meaning. Do not hesitate to say the chosen name aloud several times.

The goal is not to be laughed at on social media, but to stand out and be unique.

Include dashes in your blog name

To ensure the success of your site, avoid including dashes:

  • Internet users will have an easier time trying to find you on search engines
  • If you include dashes, it means that your initial idea is already taken. However, as said above, it is essential to differentiate yourself from the competition. The difference between “recipefacile.com” and “recipe-facile.com” is slim. In this case, Internet users risk confusing your business with that of another.

Have a blog name with a free blogging platform

When creating a free blog, several platforms will add their name behind your blog name.

You will find them under the name of:

  • over-blog.com
  • skyblog.com
  • domainname.wordpress.com
  • blogname.blogger.com

All of these names indicate that your site is free and that you have not purchased your blog name. Even if you have quality content to increase shares, with relevant information and attractive visuals, you automatically lose credibility.

Buying the ideal name for your blog allows you to gain the trust of Internet users and to return an image of a professional blog.

Don’t brainstorm

To find the perfect name for your blog, create a list with several possible name ideas. Don’t neglect brainstorming.

Why adopt this strategy?

On your site, you have the possibility to change the visuals, to miss an article, to have a video that does not work… These elements can be modified over time.
This is not the case with the name of your site. If you make a mistake in the choice, it will be impossible for you to come back to it later.

Ask yourself the right questions, have enough ideas to find the right name, do your research and put together all the words you want to highlight.

4 strategies for choosing the perfect name for your blog

Find the perfect name for your blog or site

Faced with these different criteria, you have to put in place a strategy to find the ideal name for your blog. It doesn’t take several minutes, take your time.

To be coherent

The success of the name of a blog lies in its originality and consistency. Indeed, the choice to focus on a name that refers to your industry. You are not going to call your site “chocolat.fr” recipe if your site is an online stationery store. Take this into account to choose an easy-to-remember name that meets the needs of your audience.

A realistic name

In choosing your name, you must be strategic and relevant. If you sell a promise that you don’t keep, consumers will quickly notice and leave your page. There is then a low probability that they will return. This scheme is to be avoided.

In choosing the ideal name for your blog, the goal is to gain the trust of prospects.

The name chosen must therefore be linked to your personality, the needs of Internet users, your content marketing strategy and your sector of activity.

Does this sound complicated to you? Don’t spend forever choosing your name. The main thing is that it conveys a strong message and that it shares the values ​​of your business.

Rely on the description of this blog

With this practice, focus only on the topics covered on our site. For example, the “jardinage.com” site is fairly self-explanatory. Prospects know that by going to this site they will find information about gardening.

To best describe the general theme addressed on your blog, write a small paragraph to present your site.

  • What are its objectives ?
  • Who is he talking to ?
  • What are the values ​​that you defend?

After doing this work, bring out the main ideas in 2-3 words. You will then get a list of names which may contain the ideal name for your site.

You can also mix the results obtained and make combinations with strong words.

The advantage of this technique is that it gives you ideas based on what you are offering.

However, the big difficulty is that you have to know your offer and your target perfectly. Without this knowledge and analysis, it will be impossible for you to write a text that describes you perfectly.

In addition, over time, you will not be able to change your editorial line. Your name being targeted and personalized, your site will have to speak exclusively of this theme.

mix of words

The strategy of mixing words to find the name of the ideal blog is similar to the previous technique. The goal here is to use words that reflect your business, your business, and your content.

After making a list of words, put them together until you find a perfect combination for a perfect blog name.

How to find the perfect name in 5 steps?

How to find the perfect name in 5 steps?

Choosing the right name for your blog takes time, strategy and relevance. To do this, follow all the steps in this article to find the name of the ideal blog for your business.

1. Brainstorm

Think about it and make a list of all the words that come to you when you think about your business:

  • Keywords
  • French words
  • English terms or in the desired language
  • Expressions that are part of the same lexical field
  • Synonyms
  • Personality traits
  • The values ​​defended by your company

2. Focus on a result

Your blog name may reflect the result of your offer. But, be careful with this approach. If you give something to your audience, you must respect your word or else you will disappoint them and scare them away. 

3. Use the same name everywhere

On your site, on your domain name and on your social networks, choose the same name. Visitors find it easier to find and interact with you . Adopting the same name everywhere increases the loyalty of your audience.

Before choosing the ideal name for your blog, the important thing is to see if it is available on the network.

4. Do not put a date

When choosing the name of your site, do not include a date. This makes it obsolete over time.

For example, if your site talks about trends, avoid “ trends2019.com”. Indeed, in this case, in 2020 your site no longer meets the needs of Internet users. It is possible that your content will continue to deal with 2020 themes while respecting the seasonality of this new year. But, the idea induced in your name is wrong.

5. A name focused on SEO

Listing a domain name that contains keywords can give a little SEO advantage. You can also use our free domain name generator tools that will help you checking domain name availability easily. When choosing a compilation of words, remember to check the keywords to include. Think about what a user might type when looking for your offer. To help you, several tools are at your disposal such as UberSuggest or Google Trends. These platforms help you identify popular keywords based on your industry.

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