Easily Install Fortnite on any Android Mobile

Easily Install Fortnite on any Android Mobile

You can now download and install Fortnite on your Android mobile, by far the most anticipated launch of this year. After many months of waiting, the game of the moment reaches the most popular operating system in the world.

The landing has been gradual, starting with the beta version available right now. After a few days exclusively for Samsung Galaxy devices, you can finally install Fortnite on any compatible Android mobile or tablet, of course totally free.

Here we explain how it is done without taking unnecessary risks, and that is that unlike other games you will not find this one on Google Play, something that adds a bit of difficulty to the process.

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Register on the Epic Games website

If you want to download Fortnite for Android you can only do it from the Epic Games website. As it is not on Google Play, it is the only source you can trust.

Although other sites offer you the APK of the game, do not download it because it is probably a scam. For now you can only start the beta from the official website.

To install Fortnite on any Android mobile,

  • You have to go to this link and click on Register for the invitation email.
  • Next, you must confirm if you already have an Epic account on any other platform, something that will serve to synchronize your progress and purchases.
  • If you select, for example, Playstation, you have to access your account with email and password. This way Epic will know that you are the one who wants to download the game.

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Choose the mobile from which you are going to play, install Fortnite

Once you have synchronized -or not- your progress in Fortnite, you have to select from which mobile device you are going to play Fortnite on Android.

In the drop-down list all those that are compatible at this time appear. Choose yours and accept.

You will automatically enter the waiting list, where you will not have to wait long.

Download the Fornite installer

When you receive the email from Epic Games in your email, open it. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Within this message, select the First Steps poster , which will take you to the download validation website. In it you have to give First Steps again to access the download website as such.

When you are in it, you just have to click on the icon that says Download , as you may have guessed. An APK file of about 4 MB in size will be downloaded.

It is the installer that will allow you to install Fortnite on Android as such.

Activate Unknown Origins

Do you know what Android Unknown Origins are? It is the setting that allows you to install files from outside of Google Play, in APK format.

This way you can install apps whose origin is unknown to Google. It is not recommended to do so unless it comes from a trusted developer, such as Epic Games.

Install the full game

Now is the time to activate the full game. What you had downloaded was the Launcher or launcher, the installer that is used to download the game.

A total of 1.88 GB of memory occupies Fortnite on Android, little if we compare it with what it occupies on other platforms.

When the installation is complete, just open the game application and log in with your Epic Games account.

As it is a beta, you may not be able to enter games and have to try several times, one of the most common problems according to some players.

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