E-commerce: developed site vs pre-built site

E-commerce: developed site vs pre-built site

Today, online shopping has become a habit that is deeply rooted in the habits of the world. To take advantage of this, even physical stores can create websites to also have a presence on the internet and expand their customer base. But sometimes you find yourself in a dilemma: should you have your own online E-commerce website developed by the pros, or go for a pre-built website? This article will enlighten you on the subject so that you can make the right decision.

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A tailor-made website for e-commerce

A professional site is a tailor-made site, created by specialists in web design and web development. They can be freelancers or be part of a web agency specialising in digital marketing and development. Professionals are the ones best able to quickly make your wishes come true, and even improve your ideas.

There are many advantages that can motivate you to choose this option:

  • The fully personalized design;
  • Optimized user experience;
  • Fast loading of pages;
  • Good SEO performance;
  • Ease of data collection and analysis …

A fully personalised design


This is one of the biggest advantages of custom websites. With this option, there is no limit to the graphic design you can adopt.

Whether for menus, shapes, font or colors, you have complete freedom.

With a professional team like that of the digital agency, your choices will be guided by experienced UI / UX designers . This represents a double interest.

On the one hand, you can optimally integrate your graphic charter on your developed site. This is an important asset, because there will be good consistency with your physical communication media, and it will be easy for your target audience to recognize you on the web and to trust you.

On the other hand, your website will have a unique visual identity, which will adapt perfectly to your target. This will strengthen your brand image and send the message that your team provides quality services. You will be able to face your competitors on an equal footing.

A unique user experience

With a personalized website, it is also much easier to provide a good experience for those who visit your site. You can make the best choices on technical aspects like:

  • Image size
  • Pagination
  • Web hosting
  • The server used …

With various optimisations, the loading speed of each page will be the best possible. The user experience is improved and therefore, SEO too. In addition, for your user data acquisition strategy, you can choose the best locations for pop ups and forms.

Better SEO performance

The main goal of getting an e-commerce site online is to attract enough traffic so that you can better sell your products. Professional developers take this into account when designing your platform. It can therefore have a light code, well-parameterised metadata, a good structure for the tags and the contents…It will be a very good start to have a good position later in the search engines.

Precise data management and analysis

For the good management of your online store, you will need a lot of data specific to your business. A personalised website can natively integrate the tracking of this data. It can be data relating to best sales, the most viewed products , the stock status of your items… In addition to making the management of your e-store easier, the information you collect will also help you. to develop the best marketing strategy.

Weak points of a custom website

Although it is really beneficial, there are factors that can make you hesitate if you want to have a website developed by the pros. Mainly, it takes time and money to get such a project done . The budget that the design of personalised websites requires is generally higher than “free” sites, especially for a complete and optimised e-commerce platform. It takes many hours of work by a multidisciplinary team to achieve the desired objective within the desired time frame. Project management, full support, market research, and many other costs can add up. This is the reason why it is crucial to use a web agency that controls costs. projects through both reliable and fast processes.

Prebuilt sites, easy-to-deploy solutions for e-commerce

Prebuilt sites are sites that are designed with templates. These are quick fixes for some e-store projects.


An economical and easy to deploy solution

The majority of CMS templates are available for free on the web. If not entirely, you will at least have access to basic functionality that is sufficient for small e-commerce sites. For more complete solutions, publishers offer additional paid features. Typically, the costs for these additional features are lower than the expense for a custom site. Plus, to get a prebuilt website online, it won’t take many weeks, or even months, to get a satisfactory result… if you know what you are doing.

A large accessible community

Prebuilt site templates and CMS are widely used. You can therefore have access to many professional forums. So, if you have a technical problem, you can count on the help of a large community. Sharing information can help you optimize the performance of your platform.

Defects of pre-built sites

The faults of pre-built sites are quite numerous. The two most important are the inability to fully customize them and the security breaches that are common.

Because you will have to use templates, your online store can look like other websites. This is not to the advantage of your brand image. In addition, the vast majority of these sites share large portions of source code. It is therefore not uncommon for a security breach to spread quickly and make many sites vulnerable to simultaneous hacking. Finally, some unprofessional templates are not designed to offer the best SEO performance.

What to choose in the end?

It is true that pre-built sites seem easy to deploy and economical. However, they are more suitable for small online sales projects. To create a good quality e-commerce site that reflects your professionalism, call on a web agency to develop a tailor-made platform. As a bonus, your site may have better security, excellent ergonomics, and you can configure it exactly according to your needs.

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