Cybersecurity: how to protect yourself from hacking?

Cybersecurity: how to protect yourself from hacking?

Cloud computing, mobile devices, videoconferencing tools or other applications to facilitate teleworking… so many possibilities promoting the smooth running and efficiency of companies. Since the COVID-19 crisis, remote working has become the norm, and many are learning to appreciate the benefits. But there is also a flip side. These new ways of working represent a real risk for companies, which must therefore quickly implement a proactive cybersecurity strategy.

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Who is in danger?

When it comes to cyber attacks, it’s simple: almost no business is safe. However, we can see that hackers are betting more and more on SMEs. After all, large corporations have already made serious efforts in recent years to secure their data banks. SMEs on the other hand do not always have the budget to do so or were not sufficiently prepared for the digital transformation. We mainly target ‘data-driven’ SMEs, very often connected to large companies via data sharing. It’s a way for hackers to reach the big players as well.

How to protect your company against piracy?

Take into account the following 4 pillars:

Be proactive

Faced with cyber risks, it is really not advisable to wait for difficulties to arise. Solving an existing data breach problem is indeed more expensive and time consuming than preventing it. So start today with a well-thought-out cyberattack strategy.

Surround yourself with the best IT talents

For a solid cybersecurity one needs qualified people in IT. This is why the war for talent is particularly fierce in the search for IT and Digital profiles. Think carefully about how you can attract top talent by providing them with an attractive environment, flexibility and attractive compensation. Also help your current IT teams to acquire new skills through an ‘upskilling’ strategy with continuous training to improve their skills and train them to face cyber attacks.


Use big data to arm yourself against cyber attacks

Thanks to big data analyzes, such as those of web server log files, we can more quickly discover anomalies in usage patterns and prevent future cyberattacks. So use the data you already have to prepare.

Take the pulse

There are many tools, hardware, and software available to protect your business from cyber attacks. It is indeed a question of putting in place with your IT teams, security measures adapted to your company and your budget. But don’t stop there. Cyber ​​security is a continuous process of monitoring and evaluation. It is therefore important to regularly adapt the strategy and the tools used. At the same time, it is essential to make the most of all your actions. Do not deny the security indications of your operating system, your antivirus software or your firewall protection and make your updates on time.

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Cybersecurity, a common issue

It is better for your cybersecurity strategy to be defined by your IT department, in consultation with management, which will release the necessary funds to implement it. But cybersecurity concerns the whole company. Your employees are in fact the weakest link in IT security. Human error or carelessness quickly happened. All your employees should therefore know how to use with careemails, social networks, passwords, etc. If they use their own equipment for work (Bring Your Own Device), they should be aware of the recommendations for ‘safe use of personal devices’. It is not enough to inform them. Regular training, focused as much as possible on daily practice, is an absolute must to secure your business at all levels.

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