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Revenge Porn: how should a victim react?

The revenge porn (also known as revenge pornography) refers to the sharing of explicit or sexual images or videos without the consent of the person in the image, often out of revenge. This phenomenon affects victims of all ages. However, the most frequently reported...

How to manage your personal reputation?

Try it yourself, type your first and last name on Google and see what appears in the first search results and start a first audit of your digital identity. Are you visible? Do you like what you see through the prism of the search engine? Does it really reflect who you...

Is there life beyond WhatsApp?

Is there life beyond WhatsApp?

Communication in real time between users whose devices are connected to a network, the Internet in general, receives different names, but chat (from English talk) is the most used to refer to instant messaging services and programs, without other proposals such as...

7 home computer threats and cybersecurity

7 home computer threats and cybersecurity

New technologies, apart from making many people's lives more comfortable, have also favored the appearance of new risks / computer threats. The case at hand is, once again, cybersecurity. The IT risks to which SMEs are subjected make it advisable to hire cybersecurity...

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