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5 good reasons to choose Real Estate Inbound Marketing

Real Estate Inbound Marketing

Date: 05.23.2022

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Real estate inbound marketing combines strategies, tactics and marketing tools to develop, according to the objectives of real estate agents, their notoriety, their number of mandates and their real estate sales. If you are a real estate agent, discover these 5 good reasons to choose real estate inbound marketing.

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1- Real estate inbound marketing replaces
cold sales

Whether you have salaried salespeople or sales reps on commission, it is increasingly difficult to say that the buyer or seller of real estate chooses the real estate agent from the start because he is “the most beautiful “.

Indeed, in the digital age, anyone who wants to either buy or sell real estate goes first on the Internet:

  • either to form an opinion on a real estate agent (provided that it is clearly visible on the internet)
  • or to choose a property by surfing the many real estate ad sites.

The proof: 16.8 million French people surf a real estate site each month, and 60% of them are mobile users.

Thus, it is only after having been on the Internet that the buyer or the seller contacts the real estate agent. Indeed, if he likes real estate, he then calls the real estate agent who sells the famous real estate, but not the other way around. It is the same for sellers, who, with regard to comparators on the internet, will contact the real estate agent who will be the most demagogue, that is to say the one who will make him dangle the highest selling price.

All this clearly shows the growing difficulty of real estate agents, however good salespeople they may be, to chase buyers or to sin sellers who give them sales mandates. With digital marketing, cold sales are slowly dying. All the statistics also show the very poor performance of cold telephone calls. Conversely, digital today generates 6 out of 10 leads, and it is not over yet!

In this new world, no one wants to be contacted or even bothered by phone. According to the Forrester Research Institute, 55% of customers prefer to inform themselves and 59% do not want to deal with a salesperson. In the end, 50% of salespeople’s time is wasted in unnecessary prospecting actions (source: Marketo).

Real estate inbound marketing, while remaining complementary to traditional marketing, allows the real estate agent to attract sellers and buyers of real estate without needing to contact them.

Real estate inbound marketing
4 Inbound Marketing Examples That Work

2- Real estate inbound marketing offers a 360 ° vision

To reach buyers and sellers of real estate, the real estate agent has the habit of implementing all kinds of commercial and marketing actions:

  • a “showcase” website presenting real estate for sale or for rent
  • beautiful photos or videos of these goods to attract more customers
  • emailing campaigns 
  • Awords, Bing, Facebook campaigns
  • display, etc.

In the end, all these actions, even if they can produce certain results, do not always ensure the desired results in terms of sales mandates and real estate purchased. Why ? Because these actions:

  • are more hits and short-term costs!
  • do not value the positioning, however differentiating it may be, of the real estate agent!
  • do not take into account the most powerful levers today (and in particular the content today “king” to generate leads)!

In the end, in an extremely competitive market, the race for mandates and buyers dehumanizes the profession of real estate agent. It is time to upgrade the skills of real estate agents, especially in advice on both buying and selling. 

Real estate inbound marketing has the advantage of encompassing all these commercial and marketing actions by adding both the “content” module to establish expertise, and especially dashboards to measure the return on investment of each of these. actions. The real estate web marketing allows the realtor to have a 360 ° view of its business model.  

3- Real estate inbound marketing builds leaders

In this competitive market, the real estate agent must do everything to stand out from the crowd. How many real estate agents with a turnover of 300,000 euros per year for 30 to 40 sales, must be content with a margin of 50,000 euros to live? The market tends to crumble between several players, which further lowers the margin.

Indeed, the cake is shared more and more with several. Below 10% market share, which real estate agent can now boast of living well, while at the same time fixed charges continue to increase? Financial equilibrium is increasingly difficult to achieve. What to do to break this process?

Real estate inbound marketing, by relying on a content production strategy (on a site or a blog) helps to boost the commercial development of a real estate agent.

The objective of content production is to respond to any request for information, provided that the needs of buyers and sellers are clearly understood. Its objective is also to support the buyer and the seller throughout their decision-making process:

  • as early as possible to attract him with content that will tell him about his difficulties (his “breads” in English, translated as pain)
  • in the middle of the process to explain to them that there are solutions to their problems
  • and at the end of the process to present him with the best solution.
  • finally, the objective of content production is through a site or a blog, in short a medium, to make the real estate agent essential, and that he becomes an opinion leader in the local real estate market.

Real estate inbound marketing helps to make the real estate agent “irresistible”, to make him an “essential advisor” for any purchase or sale decision.

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4- Real estate inbound marketing is efficient and economical

There hasn’t been a day when new statistics tout the performance of inbound marketing. To find out, do not hesitate to download this guide “key marketing figures”. When you read it, you will remember the performances:

Real estate inbound marketing offers a 360 ° vision
  • blogs: a company that has a blog generates 126% more leads, brings 97% more links, attracts consumers more (61% of them buy after reading a blog) …
  • content: 70% of consumers prefer to discover a brand through original and creative content rather than through advertising …
  • leads: content marketing generates 300% more prospects …
  • emails: personalized emails convert more (14%)
  • SEO which is an important source of inbound leads
  • of video which increases conversions by 86%
  • social media: 46% of consumers go to social media to make a purchasing decision.

When you add to this list the savings made – content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing – inbound marketing has a bright future ahead of it, especially in real estate.

5- Real estate inbound marketing performs from 6 months

Unlike a number of traditional marketing actions (advertising, adwords, etc.), real estate inbound marketing is a real estate marketing strategy that requires a long term investment to measure its effects. It takes at least 6 months to perceive the first results which then amplify.

Thus, a real estate agent who today achieves a turnover of 300,000 euros with 30 to 40 sales can consider reaching in the long term (between 1 and 2 years) 500,000 euros  in turnover thanks to inbound marketing. immovable.

For this, you have to agree to invest time and money to set up a real war machine via a real estate marketing plan to generate leads, convert leads into customers and above all retain customers. Time is six months minimum. The expense is generally 20,000 to 30,000 euros minimum, or about 10% of the budget of a real estate agency with a turnover of 300,000 euros.

This process makes it possible to establish the sustainability of a real estate agency. Isn’t that what is essential for a real estate agent? Real estate inbound marketing is increasingly needed for real estate agencies. Some prefer to invest in inbound marketing rather than recruiting a new salesperson!

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