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4 tips for finding the right keywords for your SEO

choosing right keywords

Date: 10.01.2022

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Do you want to attract visitors to your site and spend time creating content? Then the subject of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has probably become inevitable for you!

According to MarTech, 70-80% of search engine users only focus on organic results. The foundation of an effective content strategy, the practice of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will allow your content to reach the first page of search engines.

Sometimes skipped over, researching the right keywords is essential if you want to obtain long-term positive results and attract qualified traffic.

But which keywords to choose? Where to start ?

Table of Contents

In this article, discover the best practices to adopt for a content strategy focused on the right keywords!

1 Think “Persona”

Before embarking on a keyword quest, it is essential to ask yourself:

Who is your target, and what does it want to read?

The Google algorithms are constantly developing in order to define if you bring a real answer to the user. The “User Intent” or the user’s intention has become a determining factor if you want to get good organic results. It is a question of detecting if your contents are really related to the expectations of the user when he carries out his research on Google.

right keywords
Create Buyer Persona To Reduce Marketing Errors & Improve Leads

Your content strategy cannot therefore be reduced to placing keywords in an article in the hope of making it rise in search results. Your content must be able to respond to the problems posed by your target by offering them real content with added value.

Hence the interest of starting by defining and understanding your target, also called Buyer Persona :

Who is he ? What are the subjects that interest him? What issues does he face on a daily basis and how will you be able to help him?

The Persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal client. A good knowledge of your Persona then helps you to create relevant and timely content that speaks directly to your (future) customers.

2 Identify relevant keywords

Have you defined your persona, understood their different needs as well as their entire customer journey? You can start your keyword research work.

Let’s go!

Start by listing ideas for topics and related research related to studying your persona, then define the keywords and keyphrases your target audience could use in their queries.

right keywords
Identify relevant right keywords that target relevant audience

If you don’t know how to get started, you can enter a keyword in the Google search bar , and look at the “ Related searches ” at the bottom with the Google Suggest.

Example:  You are a recruitment agency. Your subject: Sourcing. The key words: sourcing, candidate sourcing, innovative sourcing, sourcing tools, sourcing methods.

Then rely on SEO tools, some of which are free tools, that will allow you to determine if the keywords that come to your mind are also keywords with search potential on search engines.

For this step, look at the search volume associated with the keyword: this is the number of times a keyword is used in a search. If the search volume is 0, it means it is not being used.

Pick the keywords with good search volume , and don’t be afraid to be exhaustive. It is preferable that you choose many keywords, you will refine the selection later. 

Then export all the keywords and phrases as well as the statistics collected on a single file, this will help you compare and choose your words. 

Here are some very useful tools for this step:

These tools will also help you find keywords similar to your initial search, using the Suggestion tool.

This will allow you to go further in your investigation and find new words.

3 Optimize your keyword list and find the right balance

Here you are in front of your first list, you will now refine it to choose the keywords and phrases that will be the most relevant to your content marketing strategy.

Ready for the analysis of the selected keywords?

Some variables will be crossed here:

  • The search volume : This will let you know the number of monthly searches related. The higher the search volume, the more this query is entered, and the more you increase your chances of attracting visitors.
  • The competition: you are probably not the only one who wants to position yourself on these keywords, your competitors too!

Often, keywords with a good search volume will also be those with a high level of competition. If the level of competition is too high, it will be more difficult – if not impossible – then to position yourself on this keyword. It’s up to you to find the right balance when choosing keywords.

right keywords

These two metrics allow you to select keywords with an interesting search volume while having a low or medium high level of competition. 

How to find the balance?

Use keywords that you are most likely to rank for.

As Tim Stoddart, Managing Partner of Copyblogger and CEO of Stodzy Internet Marketing explains:“Some keywords are much more competitive than others. In many cases, winning a lot of “small” battles is the best way to get more traffic with SEO. ”

This is why our last tip here is to find the terms that are really related to your content, with the best chance of positioning yourself there.

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4 favor long tail keywords

For your SEO strategy to be effective, we advise you to take into account an essential point: the relevance of the chosen keywords.

Suppose the word “marketing automation” has a good search volume and an interesting level of competition, is it really what your target is going to type on their favorite search engine?

Do you not risk attracting traffic that will not be qualified?

Yes, “marketing automation” can be the research your target audience is doing by asking questions about existing marketing automation tools, but it can also be a student researching the definition of marketing automation, for example.

All the stake is then here:

  • To verify the intention behind the selected keyword,

What will the user be looking for when entering the keywords ?

  • Avoid short tail keywords,

With less than 4 words, these expressions are often quite generic and can therefore group together many meanings.

According to Word Stream, 50% of searches performed are for long-tail keywords of 4 words or more.

This statistic is quite telling: your target will tend to carry out precise research on their needs and questions. You then want to target the right expressions that will be entered on the search bar.

Fortunately, you have defined your persona and know the issues that your target is encountering: this will help you refine your list of keywords and select relevant searches.

While long tail keywords generally have less search volume than short tail ones, they will help you qualify your traffic more. 

Because whoever will type : “the best marketing automation tools”, will be really interested in your content found relevant.

Choosing the right keywords helps attract traffic to the pages of your site. To find the right words and phrases, analyzing search volumes as well as the competition, combined with the relevance of queries will allow you to use the right terms and attract the right traffic.

You now have at your disposal a set of keywords on which you will be able to create relevant content, adapted to your business.

To consolidate your SEO sustainably, do not hesitate to capitalize on these keywords by setting up a Pillar Page strategy.


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